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PRODUCTS » Spiral Wire Fencing Machine - TLC 300

Spiral Wire Fencing Machine - TLC 300
Name Spiral Wire Fencing Machine - TLC 300
Code TLC 300
 Machine type (TLC-200) (TLC-300) (TLC-400) (TLC-600)
Knitting width 0.2…2.0 Meter 0.2…3.0 Meter 0.2…4.0 Meter 0.2…6.0 Meter
Knitted wire diameter 2.0…3.0mm 2.0…3.0mm 2.0…3.0mm 2.0…3.0mm
Eye intervals 40.85 mm 40.85 mm 40.85 mm 40.85 mm
Contral System      PLC      PLC     PLC     PLC
Total power 5.5 KW   5.5 KW 5,5 Kw 5,5 Kw
Machine weight 1800 Kg 2000 Kg 2200 Kg 2750 Kg
Size of machine U3.4xG.3xY1.4 Mt U4.4xG1.3xY1.4 Mt U5.4xG1.3xY1.4 Mt U7.4xG1.3xY1.4 Mt
Capacity/hour 120m2 (50X50 eye) 120m2 m2 (50X50 eye) 120m2 (50X50 eye) 120m2 m2 (50X50 eye)
Knitted wire strength 450..500 Nw/mm2 450..500 Nw/mm2 450..500Nw/mm2 450..500 Nw/mm2
Number of molds/ (optional) 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces
When the knitting of the measurements the length and wide which have been written on the touch screen finishes the machine will stop off working and gives a warning audio .
*In the case of wires tangle there are three of stop systems .
*The required speed can be controlled via the electronic control button installed on the machine.
*To control or adjust the calibers of the machine automatic and semi-automatic options are available .
*Two additional parts can be installed on both sides of the machine to fold the sides of the wires spirally .
*The minimum of the knitting width is 20 cm .
*Delivery: The delivery is in ten days after making the order. The date could change on the ground of the order intensity.
*Guaranty: Two-year guaranty . (Is not apply to the use errors.)
TERMS OF SALE: Price does not include air compressor or more than three molds . In case of the desire of the customer they can be attached to the machine and the cost will be added to the original price of the machine.